As Above So Below


Can an exhibition generate a motion picture in the minds of its viewers? This question was asked to visitors of the exhibition, As Above So Below currently exhibiting at San Francisco’s Photo Epicenter gallery. A cacophony of stimulation, the exhibition features work by over twenty international and domestic artists working in various mediums. The assorted ideas found in As Above So Below are drawn from the epic eruption of the Chaiten volcano in Chile during a lightning storm in May 2008. Nature, electricity, enigmatic messages, and alchemic theories are seen through sculptures (most notably, a large smoking paper mache volcano), reconfigured photographs, left handed paintings, digital lightning graphs, various texts, and a family play which was acted out and recorded by artists and gallery-goers during opening night. Curator Chris Fitzpatrick creates an electric atmosphere, a playful display of objects, an interactive project, and most certainly a film (of sorts) with all conventions left at the door.

As Above So Below is on display until December 12th when the exhibition will close with as much force as it opened, featuring two simultaneous performances of Van Halen’s “Eruption” on the electric guitar, surprise appearances and disappearances of artworks, and the release of a catalogue.