November, 2008

Jay Kelly

Artist Jay Kelly currently has a new series of works on view in the exhibition titled Rawness & Polish with Commissary Arts in Venice Beach, California. The works on view will include several medium and small-format collages. Some of the works are illuminated by light boxes, constructed of photographs, stencils, spray paint, and found imagery. The artist successfully fuses his personal interests of natural and[…..]

Mark Shetabi

Currently on view at the Jeff Bailey Gallery in New York City are new paintings and sculpture by artist Mark Shetabi. For his second solo exhibition with the gallery, Shetabi was constructed subtle paintings in a muted palette, exploring ideas related live performance, public space, crowd manipulation and the energy that exists between the performer and audience. For his exhibition titled ARENA, the artist has[…..]

Caleb Weintraub

In the world of a Caleb Weintraub painting, it is clear that something has gone terribly wrong. Stern-faced, costume adorned children run rampant with no apparent boundaries, tracking down the last remaining adults and turning them into wall-mounted trophies of the hunt. In his recent body of work titled Whatever Shall We Do with these Piles and Piles of Paint?, currently on view at the[…..]

Edward Burtynsky

The photographs of Canadian artist Edward Burtynsky lead the viewer through the extremities of commercialism from a behind the scenes point of view. Desolate oil sites, packed and impersonal factories in China, abandoned boat sites, and mines and quarries are just a few scenes that the artist has captured in countries across the world. Burtynsky’s photos depict the product of extreme industrialized development and its[…..]

Vanity Fair Portraits

The Los Angeles Museum of Art has delved into the literate glamour of Vanity Fair, hosting the magazine’s traveling exhibition of historic photographs. Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913-2008 is a collaboration between the magazine and London’s National Portrait Gallery. LACMA will be its only US showing. Sponsored by Burberry and curated by Terence Pepper and David Friend, the exhibition includes photographs by a staggering collection[…..]

Rob Fisher

Jack The Pelican Presents is currently showing a new body of work by New York based artist Rob Fisher, These are the People in Your Neighborhood. Fisher’s paintings often use the flattened table top positioned in a shallow space as a motif to frame his narratives. All of his paintings are executed on handmade paper, allowing him to incorporate other technical processes such as silkscreen.[…..]

Jessica Rohrer

Sweeping the BQE is the title of Jessica Rohrer’s second solo exhibition with P.P.O.W Gallery in New York City. The works on view investigate the area surrounding the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, a throughway that was designed to alleviate traffic within Brooklyn and on the bridges to Manhattan. For the past seven years, Rohrer has lived within 100 ft of the BQE, and has been able[…..]