Thomas Woodruff


Opening tonight at P.P.O.W Gallery in New York City will be Solar System (The Turning Heads) new paintings by artist Thomas Woodruff. The artist began with a simple visual test, to see if he could elevate the simple “upside-down head” trick often seen in old parlor-style portraits. The paintings, many of which are painted on black silk velvet, are also motorized and automatically rotate right before the viewers eyes. Woodruff has stated that all of his choices with these paintings are deliberate and used to challenge the viewers traditional notions of taste, especially in how they relate to often standardized puritanical beliefs. The result are paintings that reference a broad range of religious imagery and artistic movements.


This exhibition marks Woodruff’s seventh solo exhibition with P.P.O.W. The artist has exhibited internationally with recent shows including the major traveling project FREAK PARADE which is presently held at the Herron Gallery in Indianapolis, IN.