October, 2008

Yoshitomo Nara + graf, A-Z Project

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle presents Yoshitomo Nara and graf‘s A to Z Project. Nara, who was born in Hirosaki, Japan in 1959 and presently lives and works in Tokyo, is mostly known for his deceptive, innocent and childlike images. Since 2003 he has teamed up with graf, the Japanese creative design team, to work on the A to Z project, building[…..]

Dennis Oppenheim

Dennis Oppeheim, known for his experimentation in land art and body art, is now exhibiting new work at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. Cactus Grove features colorful, exuberant, architectural sculptures of cacti – a lighthearted but characteristic venture for an artist who has spent the last forty years adventurously challenging the way people interact with space and nature. Oppenheim has used a span of materials,[…..]

Matthias Hoch

Exhibiting at Rena Bransten Gallery in San Francisco is German photographer, Matthias Hoch. Using architecture as his focus, Hoch creates a blurred division between the natural and the man-made. His large-scale, vibrantly colored photographs reveal contemporary city elements and cutting-edge architectural structures. Through learned manipulation, Hoch has created an organic atmosphere among these structures. The artist’s choice in photographing public space questions the architectural notion[…..]