October, 2008

Thomas Woodruff

Opening tonight at P.P.O.W Gallery in New York City will be Solar System (The Turning Heads) new paintings by artist Thomas Woodruff. The artist began with a simple visual test, to see if he could elevate the simple “upside-down head” trick often seen in old parlor-style portraits. The paintings, many of which are painted on black silk velvet, are also motorized and automatically rotate right[…..]

Julian Hoeber

Julian Hoeber’s third solo show at Blum and Poe Gallery, titled All That is Solid Melts into Air, explores aged forms, bronze busts and op-art in particular, and emphasizes the way old recycled ideas shape “new” people and objects. In an insightfully written artist’s statement, Hoeber describes himself as a tube, listing the span of influences that have cycled through his system. What comes out[…..]

MADE UP: Liverpool Biennial 2008

MADE UP, the fifth edition of the Liverpool Biennial‘s International Exhibition, opened September 20th and runs until November 30, 2008. The lineup of international artists exhibiting this year spans the globe and a broad range of media. The abstract, and suitably loose, curatorial theme of “made up” exalted artists like Australian photographer and film maker Tracey Moffatt to create a series of self-portraits, which depict[…..]

Greer Honeywill

Australian artist Greer Honeywill‘s sculptural work investigates humanity, domesticity, and the changing nature of the home. Her materials range from kitchen graters, skewers, and mop twine to timber framings and personal ephemera. The artist forces the viewer to re-evaluate these objects and investigate the political and social issues and hierarchies which unfold in every home. Honeywill grew up in suburban Adelaide in the 1950s and[…..]

Matheus Rocha Pitta

Opening this weekend at Sprovieri Progetti in London will be Drive thru #1, new work by Brazilian artist Matheus Rocha Pitta. The exhibition, which is the artist’s first UK show, will feature sculpture, video and photographs that investigate the concept of the word ‘apprehend’ as it relates to the Brazilian police. Often, the term apprehend is used to describe seized goods (mostly drugs). Once these[…..]

In A Pure Land

In A Pure Land is the title of a new exhibition on view through the 8th of November at Isis Gallery in London. The exhibition which features new sculptures by artists Nayland Blake, Martin Griffiths and Alyson Shotz, whose work is pictured above, attempts to reinsert purity and deliver viewers from the “communal unease, bad news, moral panic and government-induced fear” that is often characteristic[…..]

Masakatsu Sashie

On view now at Giant Robot’s GR2 gallery in Los Angeles is the exhibition Under Fluorescent Light, featuring new works by artist Masakatsu Sashie. The artist, who is from Kanazawa, Japan creates intricate paintings of hovering orbs, which contain details of his youth, densely packed in an auto-biographical manner. The work references, video games, fast food signs and vending machines, among other highly recognizable imagery.[…..]