October, 2008

Objects of Wonder

In an exhibition titled Objects of Wonder, the Columbus Museum of Art has teamed up with Ohio State University to present an assortment of unusual cultural artifacts from the University’s archives. Viewing objects from the collections of a university that opened its doors in 1870s may sound mundane, but the curiosities that Ohio State has acquired and horded for over a century are surprisingly dynamic[…..]

Ben Kruisdijk and Conny Kuilboer

Kruisdijk and Kuilboer are two artists from the Netherlands who began their artistic collaboration in 2007. In their independent practices, Kruisdijk works with systems of visual language and Kuilboer’s interest lies in concepts on the perception of time. Kuilboer often uses images and objects from her childhood and redefines their meaning, such as the blanket, which holds contradictory connotations of oppression and comfort. Together, they[…..]

Tim Roda

Tim Roda’s exhibition, Family Album, opened on October 2nd, 2008 at the fresh San Francisco gallery, Baer Ridgway Exhibitions. Roda and his family could be called a collaborative, since the creative process involves the whole family’s participation. Roda creates intricate sets (often on-the-spot) including–just to name a few–found objects, costumes and carpentry materials. Roda then invites his family into his newly fashioned space where the[…..]

Logan Grider

Opening this Friday, October 17th, at Thierry Goldberg Projects on Rivington St., on the lower east side of New York, is the first solo exhibition of paintings by Logan Grider. The exhibition will include Grider’s latest work – paintings depicting colorful blocks and abstract shapes of the bold-colored and moody-shadowed variety. Grider’s oeuvre conjures up Cubist kings like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, within a[…..]


Now on view through November 15, 2008 at Thomas Robertello Gallery is STATE OF THE UNION, an exhibition comprised of works by John Delk, Noelle Mason, and Conor McGrady. The featured artists’ work critically mirrors the current status of the United States as an ideological gun-toting machine whose devotion to global domination and hegemony manifests as thinly disguised totalitarianism. Among the works featured in the[…..]

Dirk Skreber

Mekanism Skateboard Company recently partnered with German artist Dirk Skreber to custom paint a new series of skateboard decks. Skreber explores imagery related to natural and man made disasters. In this project, he renders the pieces of a vehicle in the process of being blown up, which is further echoed in the fragmented grid of skateboard decks. In total Skeber completed fifty skateboard decks in[…..]

Hamra Abbas

Adventures of the Woman in Black is an upcoming exhibition at Green Cardamom in London, opening next week, featuring new works by Kuwait-born artist Hamra Abbas. The exhibition will include the artist’s vision of the female super-hero as she confronts issues of male perpetrated violence as it relates to the Middle East. The concept of the female super-hero draws attention to the compassionate yet assertive[…..]