October, 2008

Softening the Blow: Daniel DeSure

I don’t usually get hung up on press releases, but there’s one phrase from the release for Daniel DeSure‘s current exhibition that I can’t forget: “things we use to soften the blow.” DeSure’s work is described as an understated, non-reactionary response to the fact that blows are a given. Things inevitably go wrong; technologies malfunction, people disagree, cars crash, natural disasters strike. But what if[…..]


The all new Cerasoli:LeBasse Gallery in Culver City, California is celebrating the newly formed partnership with their first gallery opening together, Blender, new works from Vincent Hui, Melissa Haslam, Ryuichi Ogino, Deth P Sun, and Mari Inukai in Gallery 1 and Jennifer Davis and Suzanne Sattler in Gallery 2. The selection of emerging international artists coming from Japan, China and Australia are all influenced by[…..]

Jay Nelson

On exhibition until November at San Francisco’s Mission District-based gallery, Triple Base, are Jay Nelson’s latest works. Titled Temporary Autonomous Zone, Nelson captures his journey for “self” through an array of paintings, drawings, and sculptural devices. Working mostly with landscapes, Nelson’s body of work is comprised of gauche, watercolor, graphite, and oil on paper or canvas. In addition to his delicate two-dimensional practices, Nelson has[…..]

Nikki McClure

As one of the most monumental presidential elections approaches, artist Nikki McClure takes action. Vote for Survival, a series of politically minded and motivated screen prints and signs, is on display at Needles and Pens in San Francisco. McClure, who is known for her elegantly detailed paper cut-outs, has taken a new approach in reaction to the present day political changes. Vote for Survival is[…..]

Suzannah Sinclair

Currently on view at Loyal Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden is a new group of water color paintings on birch panel by New York based artist Suzannah Sinclair. The exhibition, titled Eyes For No One, largely consists of portraits of young woman bearing confrontational gazes, though not always back at the viewer. The women convey a multitude of emotions ranging from the vulnerable to the proud[…..]

Blair Thurman

Blair Thurman‘s first solo exhibition opened last week at Galerie Frank Elbaz on rue St.-Claude in Paris’s Marais neighborhood. The show, entitled Krumms Along the Mohawk is named after an ice-cream flavor at Thurman’s local gas station in New York. The exhibition is in concept a mini-survey of Thurman’s work over the past decade and a half – although most of the pieces are new,[…..]

Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr: Victimless Utopia

Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, both artists and former research fellows at the Tissue Engineering and Organ Fabrication Laboratory at Harvard Medical School, are integral participants in SymbioticA, an art and science collaborative research laboratory at the University of Western Australia. They founded the Tissue Culture and Art Project in 1996 and have exhibited numerous projects that create opportunities for public reflection on concepts brought[…..]