Nikki McClure


As one of the most monumental presidential elections approaches, artist Nikki McClure takes action. Vote for Survival, a series of politically minded and motivated screen prints and signs, is on display at Needles and Pens in San Francisco. McClure, who is known for her elegantly detailed paper cut-outs, has taken a new approach in reaction to the present day political changes. Vote for Survival is a traveling exhibition which will tour the west-coast towns of Los Angeles, San Francisco and McClure’s hometown of Olympia, Washington. In addition to silk-screen prints, Vote for Survival includes numerous original paper cuts. These works, generated from a single piece of paper, are delicate in both technique and subject matter. Drawing influence from life’s austerities, McClure’s tactile approach in demonstrating birds, weeds, children, berries and boats is inherently an homage to beauty and simplicity.

In addition to paper cuts, McClure produces an annual calendar, numerous book covers, posters, album covers, cards and t-shirts. Vote for Survival is simultaneously exhibiting at GR2 Giant Robot in Los Angeles until November.