Jay Nelson


On exhibition until November at San Francisco’s Mission District-based gallery, Triple Base, are Jay Nelson’s latest works. Titled Temporary Autonomous Zone, Nelson captures his journey for “self” through an array of paintings, drawings, and sculptural devices. Working mostly with landscapes, Nelson’s body of work is comprised of gauche, watercolor, graphite, and oil on paper or canvas. In addition to his delicate two-dimensional practices, Nelson has applied his creative energies into ambitious and conceptually driven sculptural models. In Temporary Autonomous Zone, the gallery space functions as a nest for his dichotomous endeavors. Displayed is Nelson’s deluxe-edition motor scooter, fully equipped for a solitary coastal tour. Skillfully fashioned wooden editions (roofs, drawers, and encasings) are added to the scooter and additionally, to a Honda hatchback car–which one can find in the Mission neighborhood streets surrounding the gallery– thus transforming these everyday transportation modes into energy-efficient and fully autonomous vehicles. The sculptural structures placed alongside Nelson’s soft, ambiguous paintings and drawings at Triple Base successfully articulates his search for an independent self.

Born in Los Angeles, Nelson currently lives and works in San Francisco- a notable detail since his work conveys a notion of the American West and the investigation of oneself. He graduated in 2008 with an MFA from Bard College and holds a BFA from California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA.