In A Pure Land


In A Pure Land is the title of a new exhibition on view through the 8th of November at Isis Gallery in London. The exhibition which features new sculptures by artists Nayland Blake, Martin Griffiths and Alyson Shotz, whose work is pictured above, attempts to reinsert purity and deliver viewers from the “communal unease, bad news, moral panic and government-induced fear” that is often characteristic of our time. The results are clean and sleek creations that emphasize a purity of form and material. The works are minimal in structure and contemplative by nature.

The group of artists includes Nayland Blake, who has exhibited works at the Tate, the Whitney Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston. Martin Griffiths, who is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Wales and the Cass Sculpture Foundation in England, and Alyson Shotz who has exhibited with Guggenheim, New York and the Hirshorn, Washington D.C.


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