Blair Thurman

blair thurman.jpg

Blair Thurman‘s first solo exhibition opened last week at Galerie Frank Elbaz on rue St.-Claude in Paris’s Marais neighborhood. The show, entitled Krumms Along the Mohawk is named after an ice-cream flavor at Thurman’s local gas station in New York. The exhibition is in concept a mini-survey of Thurman’s work over the past decade and a half – although most of the pieces are new, completed in 2008.

Press releases can be daunting and artist statements can often be even more conceptual than artist’s work. However, Thurman’s statement in the press release trumps any words that could be said by the gallery about the show, and worth noting, simply asserts that, “It’s been said of some of my favorite painters that they are always repeating the same painting. Sam Grosse told me painters always do the same show throughout their career – which I took as a compliment. Maybe it is something about painting. The point of Krumms Along the Mohawk is to show the trail of my work has changed and hasn’t changed over 15 years.” The works exhibited, acrylic paintings on unconventionally shaped canvases, often in three-dimensional form, are more architecturally aesthetic than what we tend to expect of paintings. Bringing neon sculptures into the mix continues the sense of dimension and tangibility not often seen in a show of predominantly paintings.

Blair Thurman lives and works in New York. She received her MFA at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She has exhibited at Triple V in Dijon, France, Hard Hat in Geneva, Switzerland and Galerie Hubert Bachler in Zurich, Switzerland, among others.