October, 2008

Amy Mayfield

Currently on view In Chicago is Amy Mayfield‘s installation Doog Vs. Live at threewalls. Mayfield’s exhibition marks the beginning of threewalls SOLO program for 2008/09, running until November 15th, 2008. Known for her paintings that depict ecstatic landscapes located between terrifying and medicated, fear and joy, greed and grandeur, Amy Mayfield’s paintings employ personal-world symbolism to inform fantastic landscapes. Here for threewalls, Mayfield has moved[…..]

Liza Lou

In the decade since her breakout success in 1996, Liza Lou has won a $500,000 genius grant from the MacArthur Foundation, kept a studio in Durban, South Africa, and continuously mesmerized the world’s critics and collectors. She works with millions of tiny glass beads, taking the traditionally craft-oriented medium and elevating it to astonishing artistic heights.

Marina Kappos

Happy Lion Gallery in Los Angeles recently opened Marina Kappos‘ POLITICUS, an exhibition of new paintings inspired by the forthcoming Presidential Election. The artist’s style recalls that of Greek vase painters, her crisp imagery referencing politics, war, and the economic crisis. Her overlapping compositions provide layers of meaning, depicting both cultural history and daily life. Kappos received her BFA from California Institute of the Arts[…..]

Juliana Beasley

Currently exhibiting at la BANK in Paris is a solo exhibition, entitled NO CASH/CASH, featuring two series of work by Juliana Beasley. Beasley, a former assistant of Annie Leibovitz, has become a notable photographer in her own right. The two series being shown at la BANK, Rockaway Park and Lapdancer, are seemingly polarities in terms of subject matter, but both cut to the heartbeat of[…..]

Hard Targets: Masculinity and Sports @ LACMA

On October 8th, LACMA opened Contemporary Projects 11: Hard Targets–Sports and Masculinity, a survey exploring the intersection of masculinity and sports in contemporary culture and artistic practices. Curated by Christopher Bedford (himself a player of rugby and American football), the show poses athleticism not in diametric opposition to artistic expression, but rather as a kind of male-dominated theatrical spectacle of gender performance. In Bedford’s accompanying[…..]

Isidro Blasco

Currently on view at Black & White Gallery in Chelsea, NYC is a new series of constructed photographs titled Shanghai At Last, by the artist Isidro Blasco. The exhibition is conceptually built around the physical space and architecture of Shanghai and and is presented in impressive sculpture / relief-like constructions where the collaged photographs sit directly on top of a wood armature. About the exhibition,[…..]

Lucy Williams

British artist Lucy Williams redefines the idea of collage. Her detailed, low-relief work focuses on mid-20th century Modernist architecture and involves the careful layering of materials such as card, Perspex, fabric, thread and pillow stuffing. Each material is layered precisely by the artist to illustrate railings, lamp cords and other structural elements. In an interview with Wallpaper Magazine Williams said she sees her vacant images[…..]