Currently on view at the Deitch Project’s Long Island City warehouse gallery is a massive new installation by artist Swoon. As a printmaker, sculptor and installation artist, Swoon’s exhibition Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, features countless objects and images that reference urban decay and the darker, albeit romantic, side of city life. However, the installation is only a one part of the exhibition. Swoon, directing a crew of over seventy-five collaborators, also created seven full size boating vessels which set sail on down the Hudson River on August 15th and landed on Deitch Projects via the East River for the first time on Sunday September 7th. A crowd of hundreds welcomed the ships, and the combined crew of 40, as the band Dark, Dark, Dark played in the middle of the excited crowd.

Swoon began her artistic career as we know it today producing works on the streets of New York City. Since, the artist has exhibited internationally and collaborated with groups Glowlab, Black Label and the Barnstormers. Her work has been featured at PS1and in several exhibition with Deitch Projects.