Miju, the artist collaboration of Michele Muennig and Juan Carlos Quintana, is currently exhibiting at Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco. Though the work of the collaboration is thought out and purposeful, a clear dialogue of spontaneity exists among the paintings. Each artist adds his and her own artistic technique while collectively they maintain a polished aesthetic of drawing and painting. In their show, Effigies and Demagogues, the San Francisco-based artists reveal themes of destiny, nature, delight and desire, the subjects of fairy tales, and political and historical figures. Muennig’s own imagery borders on the surreal, where freely associated objects, characters, and themes (femininity being a focal point) powder her vibrantly colored canvases. Quintana’s work shows the influence of political satire, his latino ethnicity, as well as youth and classic children stories.

Both Michele Muennig and Juan Carlos Quintana were educated at Tulane University in New Orleans and have shown extensively as solo artists, though they are making a name for themselves as a collaborative throughout the Bay Area. They have have also exhibited as a duo at art fairs in Miami and New York as well as a recent show in Quezon City, Philippines. The paintings of Miju can be seen at Jack Fischer Gallery until September 27.