Jason Jagel


73 Funshine, an exhibition by Bay Area-artist Jason Jagel, is currently exhibiting at Electric Works gallery in San Francisco. Electric Works functions as a gallery space as well as a high-tech and traditional print workshop.

In addition to the exhibition, 73 Funshine serves as a launch for Jagel’s new monograph book (also titled 73 Funshine), which features over 200 colored pages of work dating back to 1997, most of which is musically oriented. Music is a strong driving force behind Jagel’s artwork. The book and exhibition include Jagel’s colorful palette and multifaceted paper canvases which demonstrate his “fictional autobiography”. His use of gauche, pen, ink, and pencil creates a diaspora of dimension-optical diversions which exist side by side one another, and the viewer is invited into the delightfully dizzy scenes of Jagel’s conception. Cityscapes, people (generally himself or those close to him), nature, and text are common images found in Jagel’s work, themes which he states are narrating his fictitious life story. His aesthetic shows Guston-esque influence with overtly exaggerated brush strokes, the use of hands and smoke. In addition to painting and drawing, Jagel creates paper sculptures and site-specific installations. He has also produced album covers for such notable musicians as Madlib and MF Doom.

Jagel currently lives and works in San Francisco and has shown extensively throughout the United States and Europe. He is simultaneously showing at Los Angeles’ Richard Heller Gallery. He received his BFA from California College of the Arts and his MFA from Stanford University.