Chris Coffin and Jonathan Brilliant


Opening this evening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Dam Stuhltrager Gallery will be a two person exhibition featuring the work of Chris Coffin and Jonathan Brilliant. Coffin’s show New Work Off Dry Land, features a 300 ft line of bouys that have been actively used by lobster fisherman in Newport, Rhode Island. The artist strapped the line to his body and carried out a performance in which he swam in the ocean with the line trailing behind him. Coffin received his MFA from Pratt Institute and has been featured in The New York Times and Addict Magazine. The artist currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Jonathan Brilliant, whose work is pictured above, has created his latest installation featuring thousands of coffee house stir sticks that are woven together and held by tension only. The Goldsworthy of The Coffee Shop Project presents organic and formalist sculptures which cleverly create a dialogue between a natural and consumer-based landscape. The artist also illustrates the possibilities inherent in a simple object once multiplied and arranged by the thousands. Brilliant received his MFA from San Jose State University. He has recently exhibited at Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC and the Elliot Center Gallery at the University of North Carolina. Brilliant currently lives and works in Charleston, SC.