September, 2008

Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson‘s work provides a sensory and dispersive experience for the viewer; elements such as light, air, fog, water, and even sound are employed in his installations and public art projects. The artist is influenced by both the built environment and natural elements, and his artistic practice moves between the public and private sectors. Eliasson has previously completed commercial works for Louis Vuitton and BMW.[…..]

Zheng Gougu

Zheng Guogu’s sculptural work often pairs confounding idioms, layering ephemeral qualities with imposing materials, in order to poetically arrange forms that operate on both a tactile and symbolic level. In his sculpture, Waterfall, Gougu pours white melted wax over a rigid metal armature, embedding calligraphic scripts into this serene fountain. Gougu both reinforces and freezes the progression of time, in an allegorical fashion not unlike[…..]

Jesse Bercowetz

Jesse Bercowetz has a huge mobile on display at The Happy Lion in Chinatown. His solo exhibition, which is the New York artist’s first on the West Coast runs until October 11th, flaunts several works, but the luminary piece– and the real reason for going– is the behemoth, nearly room-sized installation entitled The Pale Memory of Man. The roomy gallery space, usually noted for its[…..]

Tofer Chin

Vivid, Tofer Chin‘s current exhibition at Commissary Arts in Los Angeles, doesn’t look like it’s about sex, even though the works’ titles and the press release explicitly reference gender, sexuality and adolescent ambivalence. Yet maybe the best thing about Chin’s work is that it asks us to reassess the way we associate psychological and bodily phenomena with graphics. Chin’s paintings occupy the place where decorative[…..]

Catherine Opie

A major mid-career survey of renown photographer Catherine Opie opens this week at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Catherine Opie: American Photographer opens Friday September 26th and runs through January 7, 2009. The exhibition will showcase over 200 of Opie’s iconic images from the past decades. Opie’s “Portraits” clinched her a place on the map of art history, depicting bold statements of identity for[…..]


AIKO opened a solo exhibition of recent works at Brooklynite Gallery on September 13th with live music by Soul Sonic Force. The exhibition, entitled Shut Up & Look, will remain at the gallery until October 11, 2008. AIKO combines a mastery of stenciling with brushwork and spray paint to emulate the urban decay of her street works. She creates city sirens, whose seductive glances and[…..]

Jason Jagel

73 Funshine, an exhibition by Bay Area-artist Jason Jagel, is currently exhibiting at Electric Works gallery in San Francisco. Electric Works functions as a gallery space as well as a high-tech and traditional print workshop. In addition to the exhibition, 73 Funshine serves as a launch for Jagel’s new monograph book (also titled 73 Funshine), which features over 200 colored pages of work dating back[…..]