Transit Antenna


Transit Antenna is a diverse group of creators, bound in space and time to each other and a 40 foot metro bus named Walter. Traveling across North America, the mobile living experiment, which consists of seven people, featuring writers, filmmakers, painters, chefs, musicians and a dog, are all living on the road for a two year journey. Now six months into their travels, Transit Antenna, launching from Charleston, SC, are currently in Portland, Oregon. You can track them at anytime via their wikimap.

The nomadic group may seem like a throw back to the sixties with their free spirits, overgrown beards and desire to just be on the road, but there is much more than meets the eye. The group is capturing their experience through writing, painting, filmmaking, photography and most of all through a loose network of social collaborators that spread across the US, sharing what they know and can do with whomever they come in contact.


The group, which is affiliated with Deitch Projects, Redux Contemporary Art Center, and Fat American is mostly fueled on private donations, hard labor and free vegetable oil for the bus.

When asked, why are they doing this project the group has replied, “for the challenge of living on the road, of living frugally, and of finding ways to support ourselves. For the excitement of seeing the country, of meeting engaging people, of exploring the periphery of America where culture doesn’t get handed down from cultural imperialists-it grows dynamically from the people up. We’re doing this for the possibility of creating community on the road, of developing collaborations that will fuel our creative practices…”

Visit and often to find the location of the crew and to catch up on all of their recent projects and videos.