Tim Davis


Opening last night at Mitterrand + Sanz Contemporary Art in Zurich, is new work by photographer Time Davis in the exhibition titled, Tim Davis: Kings of Cyan. The title is taken from the natural occurrence of fading that takes place when full color CMYK posters are placed on the street and battered by wind, rain and sun. Cyan is the last color that generally remains during this process, causing a ghostly image of the photographic subject. Davis has turned his eye to political posters of the past, observing these historical icons and the effects of their meaning once abused by time and weather.

Tim Davis originally studied photography at Bard College in the earlier nineties, and afterward developed a career as a poet and editor in New York. The artist attended Yale University School of Art for his MFA in 2001 and since has had several international exhibitions including works at Whitecube in London, the Guggenheim and MOMA in NYC and High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Davis now teaches photography at Bard College.