Samuel Roy-Bois


Samuel Roy-Bois constructs architectural spaces using industrial and domestic materials such as wood, plexiglass, paint, electrical lighting, objects, and furniture. His built environments often engage the viewer physically, such as in Ghetto from 2006 (seen above). This installation, from the artist’s first solo show in Montreal, is a simple room with four walls of sheet rock and exposed framework which houses a mattress complete with pillows and a light fixture above. The large entrance on one facade allows the viewer to step in. The artist uses the term “uninhabit” when discussing his work, which describes “the fact of feeling outside a world that is nonetheless familiar to us.”

Our awareness of material reality heightens as we address this public bedroom. The objects and interiors of Roy-Bois engage viewers in a spatial discourse that punctuates our presence in space. Roy-Bois received his B.F.A. in Quebec from the Universite Laval where he has also taught. He later received his M.F.A. in Montreal from Concordia University. He has exhibited in Canada and abroad (Paris, Lausanne, Mexico City), and had his first solo museum show, Improbable and Ridiculous, at the Musee D’Art Comtemporain de Montreal in 2006.