Rhona Bitner


Photographer Rhona Bitner has spent the past 15 years of her career observing and capturing the performer and the performance space. Though the artist documents the space, the photos are far from documentary. In her new body of work titled “STAGE,” Bitner captures the silent moments just before and directly after someone appears on the stage. The space becomes filled with anticipation, expectation or the memory of the performed act. The dialogue between the viewer and the act is further challenged as it is being seen through still photography, complicating the relationship between the viewer and the physical space within each image. Bitner lives and works in New York and Paris. She exhibits work in the U.S. with the CRG Gallery in New York and the Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston. From March 8 to May 18, the artist is exhibiting with Galerie Xippas in Athens, Greece, and last year she exhibited works with Blondeau Fine Art (BFAS) in Geneva, Switzerland. Bitner received a fellowship from the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming twice (1993, 2002) and has been reviewed by ARTnews (March 2006) and appeared in an article with the Boston Globe (Dec. 8, 2005).