August, 2008

Chris Scarborough

Nashville-based photographer, painter and draftsman Chris Scarborough creates diverse works that references the archetypes of Japanese cartooning similar to Manga. The cultural concepts of cuteness and beauty mixed with the playful violence of Japanese cartoons all inform Scarborough’s imagery and process. While working in graphite, painting or the computer, the artist painstakingly renders his subjects with absolute precision. The artist’s drawings were recently featured in[…..]

Chris Ballantyne & Naomie Kremer

Opening later this month at Hosfelt Gallery in New York City will be two separate solo exhibitions featuring works by painters Chris Ballantyne and Naomie Kremer. Ballantyne’s exhibition Everything Means Something and Nothing is What it Seems to Be continues the artists hard-edged painting approach which conceptually investigates suburban spaces that are fenced in or out of other parts of nature. The graphic images often[…..]


The artists in Environments are living in the here and now, responding to Global Warming, going green, and pollution with down-to-earth sincerity. Curated by Al Nodal, currently president of the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commissions, the exhibition emphasizes the role artists play as citizens and is part of the 18th Street Art Center‘s Future of Nations Series. Environments is ultimately about engagement: How can citizens[…..]

Sol Lewitt

When Sol Lewitt died in 2007, he was working on a series of process oriented scribble drawings. Lewitt, who drew out the plans for his drawings and then let his apprentices and trainees execute them, never had a chance to see some of these drawings come to life. Now, Mass Moca is hosting an in-progress Sol Lewitt wall drawing retrospective, an exhibition that will include[…..]

Transit Antenna

Transit Antenna is a diverse group of creators, bound in space and time to each other and a 40 foot metro bus named Walter. Traveling across North America, the mobile living experiment, which consists of seven people, featuring writers, filmmakers, painters, chefs, musicians and a dog, are all living on the road for a two year journey. Now six months into their travels, Transit Antenna,[…..]


OKOK Gallery’s current exhibition, TEXT/URAL, presents the work of seven national and international artists whose text-based works illustrate the expressive potential of language. The infinite mutability of letters, words, and their meanings allow these artists to explore, both formally and conceptually, the role of language in art. The exhibition features works by Michael Waugh, Kay Rosen, Kim Rugg, Will Yackulic, Ewoud Van Rijn, Annie Bradley,[…..]

Samuel Roy-Bois

Samuel Roy-Bois constructs architectural spaces using industrial and domestic materials such as wood, plexiglass, paint, electrical lighting, objects, and furniture. His built environments often engage the viewer physically, such as in Ghetto from 2006 (seen above). This installation, from the artist’s first solo show in Montreal, is a simple room with four walls of sheet rock and exposed framework which houses a mattress complete with[…..]