August, 2008

Richard Rezac

For the first show of their fall season, the James Harris Gallery in Seattle, Washington will present new works by artist Richard Rezac, for his third exhibition with the gallery. Rezac’s work is rooted in geometric abstraction that serves to reduce the formal elements of shape and color. While the work is presented as a two dimensional object on the wall, the viewer can’t deny[…..]

Erin Smith

Emerging Australian artist Erin Smith is currently showing work at Diaz Castillo Gallery in Melbourne. Smith’s compositions are constructed of individual letters that mingle together to create large symbolic images. As a child, Smith kept a diary where words were written over and over, deconstructing language into its simplest structural components. By denying her letters any verbal meaning, Smith gives these familiar structures new visual[…..]

Quiet Politics

Quiet Politics, currently on view at Zwirner & Wirth in New York, lives up to its name. It’s understated, discreet and somewhat guarded. In the wake of recent political intensity, David Zwirner has invited a different approach to politicized art, an approach that emphasizes thoughtfulness over reaction. The show is a multimedia experience, including work from a surprising collection of later and early career artists.[…..]

Deth P. Sun

Oakland-based artist Deth P. Sun will be presenting new paintings for an exhibition titled I See it All, opening this weekend at Giant Robot‘s GRNY Gallery on East 9th St in New York City. The new works will feature the artists epic landscapes and characters which reference both cosmic and very personal worlds. The narrative works attempt to create “a place where cold mountains loom[…..]

The Cinema Effect II: Realisms

Washington DC’s Hirshhorn Museum has embraced the history and technology of cinema, launching a large scale video exhibition that explores the perpetually shady filmic relationship between fiction and reality. Called The Cinema Effect: Illusion, Reality, and the Moving Image, the exhibition is divided into two parts. The first, Dreams, ran through May 11th and focused on the imaginative capabilities of film. The second part, Realisms,[…..]

Kate Beynon

A new collection of works by Hong Kong born artist Kate Beynon are currently on show at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. Demonstrating influences from a range of art forms including calligraphy, graffiti and textiles, the series reflects a variety of multicultural stimuli in order to create the artist’s interpretation of today’s global citizen. Oriental inspired imagery is a prominent feature of[…..]

Ben Quilty

A new collection of paintings, collage works and drawings by Sydney based artist Ben Quilty are currently on display at Grantpirrie, Redfern. Entitled Smashed, the exhibition contains numerous works which are influenced by Rorschach inkblot tests, as the canvases have been folded in half with paint to create a symmetrical print. Skulls are a common motif within the series, as some eerily appear as black[…..]