Dani Marti


One Breath below Consciousness, is a new, corporeal exhibition by Spanish born artist Dani Marti. Currently showing at Breenspace, Waterloo, the display consists of both video works and textile weaving. These interlaced canvases are often a mix of both simple, structural materials such as nylon braiding, leather, polyester and knitting yarn, as well as more brilliant substances including Swarovski glass, beaded necklaces and Spanish rosary beads. Last year Marti took this fixation with weaving and applied it to more unconventional forms. . His installation work Off my Noodle, consisting of a giant tangled ball of pink, polyethylene foam pool noodles was displayed at both The University of Technology, Sydney and Newcastle Regional Art Gallery.

Although born in Barcelona, Marti currently spends his time living and working between Sydney and Glasgow. He has studied at various institutions around the world including Esade, Barcelona, Julian Ashton Art School, Sydney and Glasgow School of Art. His work has appeared in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including Dark Bones at Citric Gallery, Italy, Missing Spain at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney and the 2007 Cornice Art Fair, Venice. In 2007 he was awarded the Newcastle Regional Gallery Residency as well as a New Work Grant from the Scottish Arts Council.