August, 2008

Tim Davis

Opening last night at Mitterrand + Sanz Contemporary Art in Zurich, is new work by photographer Time Davis in the exhibition titled, Tim Davis: Kings of Cyan. The title is taken from the natural occurrence of fading that takes place when full color CMYK posters are placed on the street and battered by wind, rain and sun. Cyan is the last color that generally remains[…..]

Chris Duncan

Opening this next Friday at the Jeff Bailey Gallery in New York City will be new work by Oakland-based artist Chris Duncan for his second solo exhibition with the gallery titled, The Faith Void Split. The show’s title is taken from the album The Faith/Void Split from 1982, by Washington D.C. hardcore groups Faith and Void. The artist will have a collection of two and[…..]

Cassandra C. Jones

Photographer and animator Cassandra C. Jones employs great technical precession with works such as her kaleidoscope-patterned collages. The series “Good Cheer” depicts appropriated images of cheerleaders meticulously reconstructed and digitally printed into ornate patterns. The artist has used the imagery to develop complex wallpapers that dissolve into marginally recognizable anthropomorphic forms when the viewer gains distance from the pattern. Previously, Jones created short-looped animations that[…..]


Andy Warhol ate a hamburger for Jorgen Leth‘s 1981 documentary, 66 Scenes from America. He sat alone in a gray-blue room, wearing a suit coat and a tie that matched the ketchup bottle. He chewed slowly, fidgeted, stared off into space, removed the top of his bun, rolled his burger up like a taco, then fidgeted some more. He looked at the camera only once,[…..]

The Vincent Award

The Vincent Award is a biennial art prize, meant to promote peaceful communication in Europe. The Award, established in 2000, is always accompanied by an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and past winners include Pawel Althamer and Neo Rauch. The 2008 shortlist includes Francis Alys, Liam Gillick, Deimantas Narkevicius, and Rebecca Warren. Work by the four artists can currently be seen at the[…..]

Ricky Allman

Painter and recent Rhode Island School of Design MFA graduate Ricky Allman, creates post apocalyptic landscapes that simultaneously reference dynamic mountains with architectural structures such as skyscrapers. The artist utilizes geometric abstraction along with organic forms to stimulate the image and allow for the multiple layers to tell a narrative about the possibilities of earth’s future. Allman has a forthcoming solo exhibition next year with[…..]

Hannah Waldron

Jaguar Shoes will present Tonight I am an Owl, new work and the first solo exhibition by Hannah Waldron, one of London’s hottest emerging artists and illustrators. The exhibition, which will be located at The Old Shoreditch Station, will focus on the artist’s imaginative drawings which feature an abstract vocabulary built from the artist’s own world. The works will include glow in the dark screen[…..]