Spacial Reconstruction

Morrisa Maltz-7-19-08

On July 19th, Found Gallery in L.A. will commence the first portion of their next installation exhibition, Spacial Reconstruction. The exhibition, which lasts until August 10th, allows four artists to spend one week each in the gallery space to transform the interior beyond recognition. One artist comes in after the other, making this a transformative and dynamic show.

Sarah Dougherty (the first of the four artists) will spend five days working on her installation, The City of Mexico. Upon completion, there will be a 36 hour open house where viewers are encouraged to attend at atypical hours for gallery-hopping. Once the open house closes, the next artist enters the space and works with materials left over from the previous artist’s work, constantly injecting new life and creativity into the space. C.L. Meisinger will open The Default Project on July 26th, Morrisa Maltz (whose work is seen above) will open Pretend Behavior on August 2nd, and Meranda Walden will open Mother Board on August 9th.