Peter Van Agtmael and Jessica Dimmock


In the second of a round of four exhibitions featuring eight artists, Randall Scott Gallery in Washington D.C. presents new works by Peter Van Agtmael and Jessica Dimmock. Both artists explore elements of photojournalism in a unique way as their subject matter documents scenes of military and social conflict.

Peter Van Agtmael enters international war zones to document truth as rarely seen. The photographer seeks to capture images of humanity and offer them to the greater public in an attempt to provoke awareness and change. Van Agtmeal is a member of the prestigious Magnum photojournalist association and has recent received acclaim for his work from Critical Mass.

Jessica Dimmock is a photojournalist working within social documentary, capturing scenes of the human condition as experienced by a drug addict. Her series Ninth Floor takes place in an upscale Manhattan neighborhood and provides a honest look a the frailty of the human mind and body. Dimmock is an associate member of the photo-journalistic agency, VII.