July, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Opening this Saturday at Nathan Larramendy Gallery in Ojai, California will be the new group exhibition Weekend Warrior. Curated by Beautiful/Decay, the exhibition brings together an exciting mix of artists including Tony de los Reyes, Ruby Osorio, Steven Shein, Vanessa Chow, Allison Miller, Robert Olsen, and the collaborative duo Simmons and Burke, whose work is pictured above. The show’s titled reflects Ojai Valley’s reputation of[…..]

Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke’s paintings lie somewhere in between fantasy and reality, often employing the urban landscape to provide grounding for surreal scenes executed in the most delicate palette. Cooke’s paintings rely heavily on traditional techniques of oil painting that allow for the imagery to subtly mimic illustration and surrealist landscapes. The everyday details in each painting leaves the image somewhere inbetween the recognizable and the foreign.[…..]

On the Road Again

In a time when gas prices are soaring and cavalier road trips are on a steep decline, the Indianapolis Museum of Art is paying tribute to the ultimate road trippers, writer Jack Kerouac and photographer Robert Frank. Both men were part of the nomadic, counter culture activity surrounding the Beat poets of the 1950s and 1960s and both were as dedicated to roaming as they[…..]

Living Black

Indigenous Australian art has long been associated with traditional dot paintings. Such customary methods of art practice can be viewed as a system of keeping alive a culture otherwise threatened by assimilation. Contemporary Aboriginal artists are now charting new territory, creating works based in photo-media, video and film. The documentary nature of these mediums enhances a political agenda and evades ethnographic pigeonholing. The works displayed[…..]

Dennis Koch and Claudia Nieto

High Energy Construct’s recent exhibition champions the unexpected potentials of colored pencils. Working in the underrepresented drawing medium, artists Dennis Koch and Claudia Nieto channel the psychedelic effervescence of 60s album covers while also referencing the geometric formalism of modern design. Koch’s drawings of multi-colored twin targets have a playful ritualism that seems like a hybrid between Jasper Johns‘ smart target paintings and Laylah Ali‘s[…..]

Mike Parr

A collection of works by acclaimed Australian artist, Mike Parr are currently on show at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Darlington. Entitled Milk, the exhibition takes form as a photographic montage, documenting various performance, installation and pictorial works by the artist. Some particularly memorable represented pieces include the shocking Cathartic Action: Social Gestus No. 5, where Parr appears to be amputating his own arm by hacking into[…..]

Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos, which translates to “the twins” in Portuguese, are identical twin brothers from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who began break dancing at an early age and later moved on to the visual arts. Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo transformed Brazilian street art and have since exhibited at museums all over the world including their first solo exhibition at The Luggage Store in San Francisco in 2003.[…..]