July, 2008

James Brickwood

A new collection of works by Sydney photojournalist James Brickwood opens this week at the Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington. The exhibition is a documentation of the annual Schoolies week, an end of year vacation for year 12 high school graduates. Brickwood documents drunken pashes, messy hotel rooms and the sunny beachfronts of Queensland’s Gold Coast, which predominantly hosts the graduation festival. Brickwood is a[…..]

Jeff Zimmermann

The Prestige is a new work by Chicago-based artist Jeff Zimmermann featuring a small room-sized cage with a with a grouping of contained cellophane balloons. Zimmermann, who is known largely for his large-scale paintings and public wall murals, has been experimenting with more conceptual, object-based installation and sculpture including SHARE, a single barrel of light sweet crude oil in a highly polished container, and an[…..]

Kerry James Marshall

The award wining PBS series Art:21-Art in the Twenty-First Century recently released two new short video featuring artist Kerry James Marshall addressing ideas related to the “Black Romantic” and “Being an Artist.” These topics relate to recent paintings by Marshall featured in a show titled Black Romantic, which were exhibited at the Jack Shainman Gallery in New York City this summer. The artist is well[…..]

Kori Newkirk

Opening last night at LAXART in Los Angeles is a new exhibition titled RANK by LA-based artist Kori Newkirk. The artist has produced a series of diverse art works that is centered on ideas and practices connected to ‘political theater.’ A podium with highly reflective microphones resting upon it serves as a device to create dialogue in the realms of sculpture, the spectacle, and our[…..]

Spacial Reconstruction

On July 19th, Found Gallery in L.A. will commence the first portion of their next installation exhibition, Spacial Reconstruction. The exhibition, which lasts until August 10th, allows four artists to spend one week each in the gallery space to transform the interior beyond recognition. One artist comes in after the other, making this a transformative and dynamic show. Sarah Dougherty (the first of the four[…..]

Skid Row History Museum

The Box Gallery and the Los Angeles Poverty Department, a non-profit arts organization, are exploring the narrative history of L.A.’s infamous skid row. The downtown streets and alleys that make up the row might house an estimated 10,000 on any given night and city officials have grappling with what to do with drugs, homelessness, and violence that characterizes the row for decades. Skid Row History[…..]

Gilbert and George

The acidic British duo has been making fantastic cultural commentaries since the late ’60s and now Gilbert and George’s traveling retrospective is on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The two artists met as sculpture students at St. Martins College of Art in London and began working together soon after. Their breakthrough endeavor, The Singing Sculpture, in which Gilbert and George performed as living, business[…..]