Nigel Cooke


Nigel Cooke’s paintings lie somewhere in between fantasy and reality, often employing the urban landscape to provide grounding for surreal scenes executed in the most delicate palette. Cooke’s paintings rely heavily on traditional techniques of oil painting that allow for the imagery to subtly mimic illustration and surrealist landscapes. The everyday details in each painting leaves the image somewhere inbetween the recognizable and the foreign. Since the completion of his doctorate from Goldsmith’s College in London in 2004, Cooke has exhibited with some of the most internationally prestigious galleries. Since graduation, Cooke showed with the South London Gallery (2006), the Tate London (2004), Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in Texas (2006) and the Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York (2004). There have been several reviews of his work with Art Review as well as an article in ArtForum.