Michelle Blade


In Jack Hanley Gallery‘s 389 Valencia Street space in San Francisco, Michelle Blade is exhibiting large scale paintings on Dura-lar along with some sculptural pieces in the exhibition The Elliptical Good-Kind. In her compositions, Blade transitions from gestural to more more restrained brush styles. Washes of color are punctuated by areas of greater detail, while a constant undercurrent of mystery pervades all of her work.

Blade’s compositions emphasize the vastness of nature, and explore man’s place within. Her captivating imagery invokes Romantic sublimity, with anonymous figures rendered in silhouette gathering in groups, dancing, and celebrating some unknown event. The artist insists her paintings are an exercise in “questioning and understanding humanity, and what drives us to form relationships with one another, build societies and then break ties to try and create something better and stronger”.

The artist received her B.F.A. from California College of the Arts and has previously exhibited at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, and Space 1026 in Philadelphia. She was included in Nylon‘s May 2008 issue and has been interviewed by FecalFace.com. Her work will remain at Jack Hanley Gallery until August 8, 2008.