Jonathan Bouknight

jonathan bouknight

Jonathan Bouknight is captivated by the duality of one’s psychological and physical presence and how this duality defines one’s personal reality. His evocative photographs, drawings, and sculptures depict this aspect of the human condition. Referencing mythology, history, pop culture, and science, Bouknight explores his own sexuality and attempts to understand how the corporeal and cerebral influence one another, and how these entities are shaped by the presence of others.

In his compositions, Bouknight photographs barriers or membranes which neither completely conceal nor reveal the subjects within. He labels his series “Integuments” and “Encasements”, thereby defining the unseen psychological division between the self and others. The above photograph, entitled Nipple, conceals this bodily part below a sea of diaphanous fabric whose frayed ends are stitched together with a thin black thread. The fabric clings to flesh in some areas, creating a visual tease for the spectator.

Bouknight studied at the Lamar Dodd School of Art in Cortona, Italy in 2000 with the University of Georgia and received his B.A. in Studio Art from Furman University in 2002. He has previously exhibited at Whitespace and Eyedrum in Atlanta, where he currently lives and works.