Jeff Zimmermann


The Prestige is a new work by Chicago-based artist Jeff Zimmermann featuring a small room-sized cage with a with a grouping of contained cellophane balloons. Zimmermann, who is known largely for his large-scale paintings and public wall murals, has been experimenting with more conceptual, object-based installation and sculpture including SHARE, a single barrel of light sweet crude oil in a highly polished container, and an untitled work featuring footwear from a Peruvian working child on a long red carpet. Zimmermann debuted many of these works for the first time at NEXT an invitational exhibition of emerging art in Chicago this past May. Zimmermann has completed a recent artist in residence with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and solo exhibition with Swope Art Musem in Terra Haute, Indiana. DailyServing featured the artist for his mural projects in November of 2007.