Isaac Layman


On view this summer at the Lawrimore Project in Seattle will be new photographs by Seattle-based artist Isaac Layman in his second solo exhibition with the gallery, Photographs From Inside A Whale. Layman is a photographer that is interested in stretching the truth and very nature of photography in such a subtle way that the viewer is hardly aware that any manipulation has taken place. Yet, within each photograph, the artist has carefully stitched together several images to make a “perfect image” where everything is in complete focus and appears in better quality that even the human eye can capture. Equally interesting to the artist is photographic play. Layman has created a large rectangular image in the White Cube portion of Lawrimore Project the “reflects” the gallery floor below. The 12-foot image creates an illusion of a mirror, when in actuality the viewer is responding to a photographic print. The exhibition constantly calls into question the viewers experience with both reality and photography, and space in-between. Layman received his BFA in Photography from the University of Washington in 2002. He was a member of S.O.I.L. in Seattle before having his first solo exhibition at Lawrimore Project in 2007. The artist currently lives and works in Seattle.