Dustin Michael Pevey


Dustin Michael Pevey creates large-scale graphite drawings that confront the viewer and comment on our contemporary cultural convictions. To the artist, these include “the ideas of disillusionment, distraction, competition, obsession, and progress.” The above image, entitled The End Ad Nauseum, is composed of several smaller images referencing war, pollution, death, and violence. A hastily scribbled (and partially erased) question, “Why won’t my fucking drug dealer text me back?”, provides us with another, more personal way to enter the work. This assortment of imagery forces us to address our own feelings regarding the state of humanity today. Are we disillusioned, distracted, competitive, and obsessed?

Pevey attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco for Drawing and Painting and has exhibited at The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey and Angstrom Gallery in L.A. He has an upcoming show, Bad Moon Rising, at Boots Contemporary in St. Louis, curated by Jan Van Woensel. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn.