July, 2008

Imants Tillers

A new collection of works by Imants Tillers is currently on display at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Paddington. Entitled The Tears of Things, the exhibition is the artist’s first Sydney-based solo show in three years. The tiled paintings are a collection of landscapes built in the Tiller’s signature style. Many are monolithic portraits of Australian panorama, some even extending to almost 10m in length. Images of[…..]

Jonathan Bouknight

Jonathan Bouknight is captivated by the duality of one’s psychological and physical presence and how this duality defines one’s personal reality. His evocative photographs, drawings, and sculptures depict this aspect of the human condition. Referencing mythology, history, pop culture, and science, Bouknight explores his own sexuality and attempts to understand how the corporeal and cerebral influence one another, and how these entities are shaped by[…..]

Peter Van Agtmael and Jessica Dimmock

In the second of a round of four exhibitions featuring eight artists, Randall Scott Gallery in Washington D.C. presents new works by Peter Van Agtmael and Jessica Dimmock. Both artists explore elements of photojournalism in a unique way as their subject matter documents scenes of military and social conflict. Peter Van Agtmael enters international war zones to document truth as rarely seen. The photographer seeks[…..]

Isaac Layman

On view this summer at the Lawrimore Project in Seattle will be new photographs by Seattle-based artist Isaac Layman in his second solo exhibition with the gallery, Photographs From Inside A Whale. Layman is a photographer that is interested in stretching the truth and very nature of photography in such a subtle way that the viewer is hardly aware that any manipulation has taken place.[…..]

Michelle Blade

In Jack Hanley Gallery‘s 389 Valencia Street space in San Francisco, Michelle Blade is exhibiting large scale paintings on Dura-lar along with some sculptural pieces in the exhibition The Elliptical Good-Kind. In her compositions, Blade transitions from gestural to more more restrained brush styles. Washes of color are punctuated by areas of greater detail, while a constant undercurrent of mystery pervades all of her work.[…..]

Jung Eun Park

Jung Eun Park‘s work is a combination of drawing and sewing on Korean paper that is often dyed with coffee or tea. While sitting or laying on the paper, Park creates symbolic images, mesmerizing in both their detail and overall simplicity. This physical connection to the work during production is important to the artist who states “I can feel the touch and the smell of[…..]

Revolutions- Forms that Turn

The Museum of Contemporary Art in conjunction with the Biennale of Sydney is currently showcasing a selection of works, centered on the theme of Revolutions- Forms that Turn. Many of the works on display have attracted controversy following a series of complaints by patrons. Maurizio Cattelan‘s Novecento, which consists of a dead horse hanging from the gallery ceiling has outraged animal rights groups, while Leon[…..]