June, 2008

Tara Donovan

Using everyday utilitarian materials such as Styrofoam cups, hot glue, straws and scotch tape, artist Tara Donovan creates sculptures that suggest molecular forms, clouds or even abstract landscapes. Donovan uses the innate transparent properties found in the materials, coupled with light, to articulate the space and structure of her sculptures. Donovan’s work also suggests a dependence on the environment it occupies, which affects qualities such[…..]

Marc de Jong

Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art in Sydney will open an exhibition of recent paintings by Melbourne artist Marc de Jong on June 10th. de Jong gained recognition as a street artist in Melbourne and his work is now held in several collections throughout Australia. He collects the imagery for his paintings from a variety of sources, including the Internet, television, movies, and newspaper. His contemporary scenes include[…..]

Robert Mapplethorpe

The Whitney Museum‘s current exhibition offers a telling glimpse into photographer Robert Mapplethorpe’s artistic development. Mapplethorpe, who became controversial because of his S&M inspired photographs in the 80s, helped bring beauty back into the art dialogue. Influenced by Andy Warhol‘s cultural connoisseurship and classical perceptions of beauty, his sleekly formal images were at once traditional and culturally relevant. When his lover, collector and curator Sam[…..]

Toby Burrows

Currently showing at Blender Gallery, Paddington is a recent collection of works by acclaimed photographer, Toby Burrows. Entitled Footprint, the exhibition documents the artist’s journey to Broken Hill, a regional mining suburb located in the far west of outback New South Wales. Images of picturesque scenery and vast landscapes present the beauty within the isolated town, and are cleverly juxtaposed with close ups of bird[…..]

Michael Scoggins

For the Balelatina HOT ART FAIR 2008, Michael Scoggins is presenting a new series of his signature drawings on large blue-lined spiral bound notebook paper. Scoggins uses simple materials used in childhood such as graphite, crayon, and marker to illustrate more complex issues concerning American politics as well as the artist’s own personal and emotional life. This Savannah College of Art and Design alumnus (and[…..]

Pornography or Art?: The Controversial Photography of Bill Henson

Over the last fortnight Sydney’s Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery was scheduled to host an exhibition showcasing the work of acclaimed Australian photographer, Bill Henson. However, just hours prior to its programmed debut, the gallery was stormed by police confiscating 12 works on display and another 20 from the storeroom, while the gallery website was also forced to remove the offending imagery from its server. Such censorship[…..]

Jaime Pitarch

The work of Spanish artist Jaime Pitarch uses photography, video, sculpture, drawing and installation. The artist often focuses his attention on the altercation of everyday objects such as guitars, tables, glasses and hardware, which render the original function of the object useless. Pitarch’s work is steeped in parody and humor and challenges the viewer’s perception of items that are constantly used, though rarely considered. Pitarch’s[…..]