Michael T. Rea


Michael T. Rea crafts large scale wooden sculptures of various objects used in space, war, under the water, or to make music. Constantly incorporating ideas from motion pictures, television, time travel, and music, Rea likes to add a sense of humor to his craft as well. The artist told fecalface.com in a recent interview that his current interests included MIA, Soft Pretzels, Lost, thongs, Folkert de Jong, and Fergie, among several others.

The items he chooses to represent, which include scuba tanks, space suits, fish tanks, guns, and tools, are often seen in other media such as glass or metal. Instead of the expected media, Rea uses the inexpensive materials of pine, mahogany-luan, rope, burlap, and pink foam to create his objects and characters. This paradoxical presence, as seen in the above instruments that will never be played, adds a puzzling yet intriguing quality to each sculpture. The artist states, “My work offers a sense of what could be and what could never be simultaneously.”