Fairytales, imagination and surrealism present themselves within Phantasia, a group exhibition currently showing at The Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington. While using photography as a preferred means of expression the artists are subverting the medium’s usual association with capturing the real. A range of interpretations relating to fantasy are presented, as Andrew Mamo draws inspiration from Nineteenth century science fiction, while Magdalena Bors incorporates mythical imagery into everyday scenarios. Simon Strong‘s sleek photography puts a modern spin on ancient fables, Alexia Sinclair presents the wonders of digital manipulation by reinterpreting medieval history and Mark Kimber reflects on childhood memories to create hybrid photos that appear almost as painted canvases.

Andrew Mamo’s original interest lied in film studies, which he practiced at Sydney University over twenty years ago. It is only in the last six years that his digital photography has been exhibited and received awards including the Maywa Denki Award at the 2003 Toray Digital Creation Awards, Japan and the 2002 Kala Art Institute Fellowship Award from Kala Art Institute, Berkeley. Magdalena Bors recently completed a bachelor of arts majoring in photography from RMIT University, Melbourne in 2006. She has participated in various group exhibitions on a national scale and was the 2007 winner of the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize.