May, 2008

Jason Roskey

Jason Roskey’s solo exhibit, Stay Or Pass On Through Or Whatever, at 33 Bond Gallery in Manhattan opens this week. The Texas-born Brooklyn transplant’s works are composed of pencil, paint, ink, and collage on paper. His themes are derived from the New York City environment: urban life, architectural ruins, decay, identity, and the American Dream. Like many collage artists, his images are collected from recycled[…..]

Judith Supine

Dirt Mansion, a Judith Supine solo show, is exhibiting in Brooklyn at Bushwick’s English Kills Gallery until June. The graffiti artist’s large-scale collages consist of magazine cut-outs and photographic images which he has digitally enlarged and painted. His palette is bright-hot pinks, neon yellows, greens, and blues that stand out on the urban canvas. Supine’s figures are fantastic, distorted images of people, animals and situations[…..]

Mauro Altamura and Anna Von Mertens

Currently at OKOK Gallery until May 4th is “While,” a two person show with works by Mauro Altamura and Anna Von Mertens concerning the passage of time. Both artists examine political and historical occurrences from various perspectives. Altamura is exhibiting 144 (out of 1000) photographs from his series, “Anonymous,” which he began during the presidential elections of 2000. Altamura collected images of anonymous people in[…..]