May, 2008

Julie Fragar

Currently showing at Sarah Cottier Gallery, Paddington is a recent collection of paintings by Queensland based artist, Julie Fragar. Entitled Liar, Fragar’s works include depictions of people in a multitude of scenarios. These include children at play, people appearing ambiguously alone and families enjoying each other’s company. Often her paintings include an overlapping of imagery, with the inclusion of thin outlines of figures which appear[…..]

Tom Allen, Kristian Burford, Christoph Steinmeyer

Galerie Michael Janssen is currently showing a three person exhibition titled Heaven, Hollywood, and Hitchcock until June 14th. Tom Allen, Kristian Burford, and Christoph Steinmeyer are all interested in mixing motifs and media culled from the history of film and European painting traditions. Los Angeles-based artist Tom Allen references works from the German Romanticist and European Baroque traditions of painting and then transforms this imagery[…..]

The Constructed Image

Artist Luis Gispert: All images courtesy Redux Contemporary Art Center Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC is opening a new exhibition today titled The Constructed Image, curated by Founder and Editor, Seth Curcio. The show features five contemporary photographers whose work challenges the very nature of truth as documented by the photograph. Through a variety of techniques, including digital and traditional photographic manipulation,[…..]

Anne Hardy

Currently on view at Bellwether in New York City is a self-titled solo exhibition by the photographer, Anne Hardy. The British born photographer constructs elaborate sets inside her London studio and shoots them in a medium-format camera with a wide-angle lens. Hardy’s installation process can take months to execute. She begins with simple objects and ideas, instigating and encouraging her process to take over the[…..]

Cathy Akers

Cathy Akers‘ current show at Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles takes on a big issue: the history of the human race. Akers’ dioramas depict Adam and Eve like figures in surroundings that resemble Eden. Yet the world depicted in Akers’ exhibition, titled Hertopia: An Illustrated History of the New World, is more delinquent than it is idyllic. This is Akers first solo exhibition since[…..]

Patrick Jackson

Patrick Jackson’s debut solo exhibition at Los Angeles’ Chung King Projects will be a chorus of stuff. Found objects, construction, and ephemera all make up Jackson’s work, creating an environment in which dirt and technology have equal footings. Recent MFA grad, Patrick Jackson has quickly made himself known in the LA art world. He initially studied at San Francisco Art Institute and attended the Skowhegan[…..]

Epistemology of Polka Dots: Evan Holloway responds to James Turrell

All images Evan Holloway Project Series 35, 2008, Photo credit: Robert Wedemeyer Polka dots aren’t typically transcendental. They aren’t autonomous and they aren’t monumental. Yet in Evan Holloway‘s current exhibition, Project Series 35 at the Pomona College Museum of Art, polka dots take on some serious questions. Read below for the full article by Catherine Wagley.