May, 2008

Andy J. Simmons & Joshua Krause

On May 10th, Cerasoli Gallery opened separate exhibitions by two artists working in different media: Andy J. Simmons’ photography exhibition Visions of Europe and collage artist Joshua Krause‘s Convince Me I’m on Fire will be shown in two gallery spaces. In Gallery One will be the work of Andy J. Simmons. Born in South East London, Simmons grew up learning to take photographs and to[…..]

Kelly Nipper

The photography, video and performance works of artist Kelly Nipper proclaim the material proof that is inherent to photography and lens-based media at a time when most artists are determined to prove the falsities of the medium. Nipper explores the human relation to time, space and dimension, usually carried out through the choreographed acts of her subjects. The artist often works against normal photographic expectations,[…..]

Tokion Magazine's Fifth Creativity Now Conference- May 17-18, 2008

Tokion Magazine presents the Fifth Creativity Now Conference in New York City at Cooper Union‘s Great Hall on May 17th-18th. The doors will open at 11 am on both days with the conference beginning at noon and finishing at 6:30 pm. Tokion is an innovative New York-based magazine that covers artists, fashion designers, people from the film industry, photographers, graffiti artists, designers, musicians, and new[…..]

Alex Lukas and Brain Willmont

Alex Lukas and Brian Willmont present new work in their two-person exhibition at Park Life in San Francisco opening on May 9th. Both artists are members of Philadelphia’s Space 1026 artist collective. Alex Lukas paints contemporary landscapes depicting moments of disaster and destruction as seen from a distance. He collects his imagery from various sources, including the mainstream media and blockbuster films, which pump out[…..]

Mary Corse

Californian artist Mary Corse has been creating bold minimalist paintings since the ’70s. In recent work, the artist has focused on light and its effects through large reductive painting; this is clearly illustrated in “Untitled (Inner White Band)” above. Corse uses a mostly monochromatic palette that contains deep blacks, pure whites and varied grays. In the past, the artist created a series of light boxes[…..]

Robert Polidori

The large-format chromogenic prints created by Robert Polidori depict a grand sense of destruction and desolation. The interrupted landscapes are hauntingly void of humans and offer only traces of previous human existence. Polidori has traveled internationally to find these forgotten cities where natural or man-made circumstances have caused everyone to flee. New Orleans, Havana, Versailles and Chernobyl are among the cities that the artist has[…..]

Thukral and Tagra

A recent collection of works by Indian artistic duo Jitan Thukral and Sumir Tagra are currently on display at Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Waterloo. Known for their prolific use of color, their works often reference advertising and consumerism as a response to contemporary culture. Entitled Somnium Genero 02, their current exhibition is a combination of paintings and sculptural works, all of which include vibrant imagery and[…..]