May, 2008

Amir H. Fallah

Currently on view at the Nathan Larramendy Gallery is the solo exhibition Pedestal featuring new paintings and sculpture by artist Amir H. Fallah. Continuing the use of imagery such as terrariums, botanicals and Persian miniature painting, Fallah’s work explores his experience of adolescent development when his interests were being formed and new paths were constantly discovered. Fallah has become known for his large scale fort[…..]


Fairytales, imagination and surrealism present themselves within Phantasia, a group exhibition currently showing at The Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington. While using photography as a preferred means of expression the artists are subverting the medium’s usual association with capturing the real. A range of interpretations relating to fantasy are presented, as Andrew Mamo draws inspiration from Nineteenth century science fiction, while Magdalena Bors incorporates mythical[…..]

assume vivid astro focus

Deitch Studios in Long Island City is currently showing assume vivid astro focus‘ Absolutely Venomous Accurately Fallacious (Naturally Delicious) until August 10th. avaf is a collaborative group of artists, designers, filmmakers, and performers that creates different projects based on each institution and space they visit. They have exhibited all over the world, including at the Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, and will be participating in the[…..]

Ai Weiwei

A collection of works by acclaimed Chinese conceptual artist, Ai Weiwei is currently on show at Sherman galleries, Paddington. The display, entitled Under Construction focuses primarily on two artworks by the artist. The installation piece named Through fills the entire exhibition room and is comprised of fragments of tables and temple pillars that date back from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Weiwei has reconstructed them so[…..]

Kader Attia

Kader Attia: New Work is French-Algerian artist Kader Attia’s largest US exhibition to date. The exhibition, on display at the Henry Art Museum in Seattle, features site-specific installations that are at once apocalyptic and unassuming. Attia’s aluminum foil ghosts exude a ritualistic, ominous serenity but they also have a low-tech, ephemeral quality. The same goes for Attia’s Rochers Carres: the tilted sheetrock and plywood boxes[…..]

Allan Kaprow

A museum retrospective for the late Allan Kaprow almost seems paradoxical. While Kaprow wasn’t an anti-establishment artist, he certainly functioned outside of institutional constraints. Nonetheless, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art has taken on Kaprow‘s spontaneous aesthetic, hosting a flexible off-site exhibition that reinvents Kaprow’s Happenings of the 1970s and 1980s. Artists throughout Los Angeles are restaging Kaprow’s collaborative performances for this sporadic exhibition[…..]

Will Duty

Vorstellung is Will Duty’s second solo exhibition at Jeff Bailey Gallery in New York. The artist draws abstract graphite fields that recall planetary and other imageries, mesmerizing in their elegant and evocative simplicity. His illusory drawings represent vast cosmos and endless expanses, suggesting a real space beyond any known forms. The artist uses iterative mirrorings and other visual transformations, which combine with the meticulous and[…..]