Mary Corse


Californian artist Mary Corse has been creating bold minimalist paintings since the ’70s. In recent work, the artist has focused on light and its effects through large reductive painting; this is clearly illustrated in “Untitled (Inner White Band)” above. Corse uses a mostly monochromatic palette that contains deep blacks, pure whites and varied grays. In the past, the artist created a series of light boxes that investigated various illuminations more literally through wall-mounted structures. In the past five years, Corse has exhibited three times with the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles and was reviewed in Art in America for her 1996 exhibition with Ace. Previous exhibitions include works with the Peter Blake Gallery in Laguna and Chac-Mool Gallery in Beverly Hills, California. Corse has received awards from the Cartier Foundation (1993) and a Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts (1975).