Marcelo Pombo

Marcelo Pombo-5-31-08.jpg

Argentinean artist Marcelo Pombo creates large, colorful paintings that are rooted in a surrealist vocabulary and contain abstracted landscapes, architecture and figurative elements. The artist approaches his paint application through pointillism, employing thousands of small dots to assemble this primitive yet deliberate imagery. Pombo, who currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, is a prominent artistic figure within South American contemporary art. He has exhibited in countless museums and cultural centers on the continent, including, “Antologia de Dibujos” with Fundacion Vox in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, and “Dibujos” with the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas in Buenos Aires, Argentina. U.S. exhibitions include shows with the Christopher Grimes Gallery in Santa Monica, Calif., and the Marvelli Gallery in New York, which was reviewed by The New York Times.