Anne Hardy


Currently on view at Bellwether in New York City is a self-titled solo exhibition by the photographer, Anne Hardy. The British born photographer constructs elaborate sets inside her London studio and shoots them in a medium-format camera with a wide-angle lens. Hardy’s installation process can take months to execute. She begins with simple objects and ideas, instigating and encouraging her process to take over the project. The ambiguous rooms that she creates oftentimes suggest the presence of her own hand or that of an abandoned human space or situation. Her use of man-made objects comment on the western world of commerce and humanity’s impact on environment. At Bellwether, Hardy exhibits five recent photographs which reveal a caliginous palette of derelict spaces and circumstances. Hardy attended the Royal College of Art where she received an MA in Photography and has since exhibited widely, both internationally and domestically, including the 2008 Armory Show and the Saatchi Gallery. Her photograph, Outpost, is on view at the Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art at the Barbican Gallery in London.