Andy J. Simmons & Joshua Krause


On May 10th, Cerasoli Gallery opened separate exhibitions by two artists working in different media: Andy J. Simmons’ photography exhibition Visions of Europe and collage artist Joshua Krause‘s Convince Me I’m on Fire will be shown in two gallery spaces.

In Gallery One will be the work of Andy J. Simmons. Born in South East London, Simmons grew up learning to take photographs and to skateboard. Both of these interests are reflected in his photographs as well as other subcultural rituals. He works with Polaroid film and plastic cameras to capture stills as equally simplistic as his machinery and presents the images in an honest and straight forward documentary style. Each photograph is uncluttered and exudes a clean sense of beauty. Simmons refers to Transworld Videos and Slap Magazine as his major influences.

In Gallery Two is the collage work of Joshua Krause who works with acrylic, enamel, and resin on natural or painted wood. Krause relies on dreams and the unconscious to guide him through his artistic production. In his works, the foreground is an ornate organic pattern composed of white dots from which partial faces emerge in patches. Krause is primarily self-taught and currently lives and works in San Diego, California. His extensive client list includes the New York Times, Option Snowboards, Escapist Skateboarding, and Loud + Clear Records.

Visions of Europe and Convince Me I’m on Fire will remain at Cerasoli Gallery in Los Angeles until June 7, 2008.