May, 2008

Marcelo Pombo

Argentinean artist Marcelo Pombo creates large, colorful paintings that are rooted in a surrealist vocabulary and contain abstracted landscapes, architecture and figurative elements. The artist approaches his paint application through pointillism, employing thousands of small dots to assemble this primitive yet deliberate imagery. Pombo, who currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, is a prominent artistic figure within South American contemporary art. He has exhibited[…..]

Eddie Martinez

Loyal Gallery is presenting fifteen new paintings by Eddie Martinez in his third solo show with the gallery. Martinez attempts to capture the chaotic nature of life in his paintings, both formally and conceptually. The artist uses the mutability of his medium to add and subtract layers of paint and to create constant movement across the canvas. His bold and sometimes aggressive approach to the[…..]

Rachelle Rojany

This Saturday, May 31st, The Happy Lion in Los Angeles will have an opening reception for their next exhibition, Los Angeles-based artist Rachelle Rojany‘s Body of Work. Rojany has shown her work in several group exhibitions across the U.S. and in Europe. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and has studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Academy of Fine Arts in[…..]

Hot and Cold art zine

HOT AND COLD ISSUE 2 was just released on May 9th at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. The exhibition, titled KICK OUT THE JAMS!, featured the work of all artists included in this issue of the zine including Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Chris Pew, Bill Dunlap, The Golden Bears (who have recorded a small batch of songs tucked in the magazine’s sleeve), and Jason[…..]

Emily Huffman

Emily Huffman‘s works include paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations. Her artwork emerges as she is informed by inner and outer landscapes and relationships. The works are created to bridge spiritual and physical, inner experience and outer world.In her paintings, fluid, dynamic fields and gestures form a context for imagery. The imagery is drawn from a personal library of symbols, objects, and stories; often inspired by[…..]

Alison Brady

Showing at The Foundation Centre of Photography in Poland in June, Alison Brady will exhibit her latest series of large scale photographs. Brady’s photographs invite the viewer into an uncomfortable event or situation. The subject (be it Brady’s friends or strangers) are captured in precarious, oftentimes intimate and exaggerated, moments in time. Identity, body and trauma are central themes in Brady’s photographs. Her strong lighting,[…..]

Pieter Hugo

South African photographer Pieter Hugo was named the Standard Bank Artist for Visual Art in 2007. Hugo has long challenged the issues that face Africa and other developing nations, photographing the harshness of the land and occupants. The artist confronts his subjects directly, offering a raw sensibility and humanism that forces the viewer to question preconceived notions and prejudices. The Standard Bank exhibition opened in[…..]