The Ice Cream Show


The group exhibition “The Ice Cream Show” at Loyal Gallery features artists Francine Spiegel, Katherine Bernhardt, Brian Belott, Brendan Cass, Jose Lerma, Bill Saylor, Mark Schubert, Cordy Ryman, and Guillermo Carrion, and emphasizes fluidity and the love of leaking and dripping. At some point, everyone has been fascinated by putting plastic in fire and watching it melt, cooking a s’more, or seeing ice cream liquefy under the sun. These sloppy gooey messes are portrayed by nine artists who capture the sprawling element inherent in these mutable conditions and poetically translate them into paint and other artist materials. The resulting works appear as if they are under the force of excessive gravity or as if they have just weathered a storm.

Francine Spiegel works with photocollages, videos, mixed media assemblages, and freeform installations, as seen above. Her imagery is derived from feminine cyber subcultures and techno debris found on her studio floor. She combines this imagery with other found raw materials to present a massive eruption of color, paint, and texture. Spiegel graduated with a B.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1997 and has exhibited at the Silo Galelry and Deitch Projects in New York as well as Millicent Gallery in LA.

“The Ice Cream Show” opening will be held on April 11th from 6-9 with special guest DJ Konichiwa Bitches and the show will remain at Loyal Gallery until May 25th.