Susy Oliveira


Peak Gallery in Toronto presents Susy Oliveira‘s first solo exhibition at the gallery, The Girl and The Bear. Oliveira graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2000 and holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo. She currently lives and works in Toronto.

The Girl and the Bear includes three photographic sculptures, one collage series and one print. The girl and the bear, composed of C-prints on archival card and foamcore, is shown above, and comments on our reproduction of nature. The artist’s intent is to form a simulated reality to remind us of our habit of replacing the natural world with our own fabricated versions. She mentions the garden in her artist statement, a domestic metaphor for things we create composed of organic elements, but for our own enjoyment.

In Oliveira’s three dimensional works, there exists a playful dynamic between the flat characteristics of photography and the round aspects inherent to sculpture. Their angular rendering recalls computer graphics from the 1980s or an over-sized origami project. Her collages depict outdoor scenes and are perforated with various sizes of cuts. In her photographic print, she placed holes in the sky, allowing real sunlight to shine through.

Oliveira has exhibited at Niagara Gallery and A.W.O.L. Gallery in Toronto and has been reviewed by NOW Magazine and ECHO Weekly. The Girl and The Bear will remain at Peak Gallery until April 26, 2008.